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                  Full Home Remodel in Watertown, MA

                  A run down home in Watertown was in need of a full remodel. The front of the home had a strange bump out where the third floor level of the porch stuck out beyond the 2nd level porch. To make matters worse, the entire front porch was missing all structural supports. The only thing holding it together was 1-by stock (trim). With the home set on a busy street, we got to work immediately to safely re-support the porch and avoid having anything collapse onto oncoming traffic. Once the porch was properly supported, we went ahead and gutted the entire thing. We re-framed the structure to eliminate that awkward bump out so the front of the house would be completely flat. We then re-sided the house, including custom diamond patterns. The home received all new windows, including the addition of a huge window at the right front staircase hall. The home also received all new bathrooms, kitchens, floors, roof, garage doors, paint, trim, etc. A full remodel.
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