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                  Home Renovation in Arlington

                  The client had recently closed on the home and requested an extensive interior home renovation. The project started with demolition of all trim including window casing, door casing, and baseboard. All interior doors and frames were removed as well. All walls throughout the home received several coats of wall patch and a full skim to provide smooth wall surfaces. Recessed lighting was added throughout the home as well as all new fans with lights in all rooms. Dimmable switches were added to all lighting throughout the home as well. 6 new pre-hung doors were installed along with all new window and door casing, baseboard, and new crown moulding throughout the living room, hallway, and dining room.The interior of the home was fully re-painted (all walls, ceilings, and trim) in the customer's choice of colors. All hardwood floors were fully restored by sanding and refinishing them to bring the floors back to their original shine and beauty. Finally, an entertainment center was installed in the living room including all required electrical options, TV wall mounts, shelving, etc.
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