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                  Bathroom Remodel in Medford, MA (Partial Album)

                  This is a partial portfolio piece of a home remodel in Medford which included 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. This particular highlighted portfolio piece is the bathroom portion of the project. This was an outdated bathroom which we fully gutted and converted to a high end custom bathroom in Medford, MA. The room was first fully demolished including walls, ceiling and floor. The entire subfloor was leveled by sistering new joists to the existing joists. A new 3/4" plywood was then laid down. All walls were severely out of square and were framed out to make the entire room level and plumb. The walls were then blueboarded and plastered. The shower are and all tile locations received HardieBacker Board. The project then came together nicely with the installation of wall and floor tile. To finish off the tiling, all tile was grouted and sealed. Finally, a floating vanity with side and under cabinet lighting, mirror, heated toiled, and tub were installed along with all required fittings.
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