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                  Bathroom Remodel in Lawrence, MA

                  The customers requested the full remodel of their bathroom. The project started with the removal of carpet and demolition of all walls down to the studs. In order to bring the bathroom up to code, both a GFCI and an exhaust fan were installed. The fan was then vented out through the roof. Mold resistant drywall was then installed throughout the bathroom and cement board used for the shower area. The sub-floor was addressed and prepared for cement backerboard. The walls were then fully patched, sanded, and painted. Next, the new tile was installed on all walls and flooring. Grouting and sealing completed the tile work and ensured a durable long lasting high end finish for years to come. Crown moulding and baseboard were then installed and painted to compliment the new tile. All plumbing fixtures and new lighting were installed along with new medicine cabinets and mirrors to complete the transformation.
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