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                  Exterior Home Restoration

                  This was an extensive home renovation project which consisted of fully renovating the entire exterior of the building. First, several miscellaneous carpentry and landscaping jobs were performed around the outside of the home. These small projects included repairing a weak bowing staircase at the side entrance of the home, repairing rot damage around the front entrance, replacing and re-mortaring loose and cracked bricks from the front staircase, replacing rotted window sills, repairing rot damage to several sections of window casing, and grading the back patio. Next, bare unfinished siding and trim were primed and prepared for paint. Finally, all exterior trim received 2 coats of white exterior grade semi-gloss paint, the side staircase treads and risers were fully painted and restored, the foundation was cleaned & painted, and the siding received 2 coats of grey exterior paint to complete the perfectly executed restoration.
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